Welcome to Grade 8 English Language Arts!

Students will be expected to complete "Reading Reports" once a month. This means that every month, students will need to read a book and complete a book review (there are many formats the book review can be in). These book reviews will be due at the start of each month (eg: October 1st), or the first school day after the start of the month.

Some topics we will be covering this year in Grade 8 ELA:

-Book Reviews
-6 + 1 Traits of Writing
-Creative Writing
-Critical Thinking
-Reading Strategies
-Persuasive Writing
-Media Literacy
-Ancient Greek Stories & Plays

In addition to the major project or theme, students will be working on journals, grammar, reading comprehension, independent reading, and other skills on a regular basis.

Reading Report options (Monthly Book Reports)

Due at the start of each school month (9-10 total per year)

Reading Strategies Website:


Persuasive Writing Online Graphic Organizer:

Online tool to map out your persuasive arguments

ELA meets World History in this fun game
Create your own Greek Myth

Heritage Fair Websites: