Ecological Footprint Calculator:

Human Rights Resources:

Amnesty International:

Human RIghts Education Associates:

Human RIghts Watch:

Beyond Juba (Uganda)

Disaster Games

Human Rights "Game" teaching about crisis in Darfur (Sudan)

Research Projects Resources:
Website with lots of good geography links for Researching Projects
CIA World Fact Book (Great for Research Projects)
Teacher/Parent Approved Search Engine. No 'Google Images' searches, but still has access to plenty of photos.

Explore the World Activities:
Explore countries around the World
Videos on various countries. (Need headphones)
Flag Game-Matching
Learn about the World
Compare Canada to other countries around the world.

Latitude and Longitude:
Game to practice latitude and longitude

Map Games:
Practice your countries of the world with this game
Games to learn about the World

Physical Geography Games:

Ecological Footprint Exercise

Kid Friendly way to see how many resources you use based on how you live.