ESF Course Websites:
-Website with information on Climate Change

Online game that helps show the difficulties of garbage management
Some helpful websites you can use...
Facts about plastic bags
Earth Hour Information (Climate Change)
Dangers / Drawbacks of Plastic Water Bottles

Skills for Independent Living Websites
-Variety of investing calculators
-Website that shows how much you make (income) based on the type of education you receive.
-A good site that explains some of the basics about many different kinds of jobs
-Big Five personality test
Career Tests
Government Site for finding jobs & learning about jobs in Canada
Jobs in the IT (Technology) field
Wages (Salary) for various Canadian jobs; broken down by major cities
Salary Calculator; type in the job you want to have & it provides a 'salary report' for you
tax calculator-shows you how much of your salary is deducted by the government
Explains where your tax dollars go.
Advice for getting a first job.
A great site from our federal government that helps you step by step get ready for being part of the workforce. (getting a job)
Tells you how much you will pay for a mortgage on a house.